Do you need others to be successful?

It is better and easier to achieve success as a team than through individual efforts. Individual efforts always have a limitation when compared to what you can achieve as a team. When choosing the team members for your organization, you can consider such issues as technical skills and capability of the individuals. This is the best way you can benefit from a team effort. You can derive many benefits from teamwork. Here are a few of them.


One of the major benefits of teamwork is the issue of efficiency and reliability. When every member of the team does his or her work well, there would be efficiency in the organization. It only requires every member of the team to be committed to the visions of the organization. Once you are able to count on every member of the team, there would be a better performance and productivity.

Secondly, when the team members communicate constructively about issues concerning their organization then confident will be established on each member and that is good for the organization. Ideas and thoughts should be exchanged among the team members honestly and directly. Views of everybody must be respected. Once the views and rights of every member are respected, the organization would be better.

Thirdly, working as a team helps to pull resources together for the growth of the organization. There are different types of resources involved; they include materials and non-material resources. When they pull money together, they can achieve a better result than when individual resources are used alone. Even in management, there would be better management because every team member has something tangible to offer for the growth of the organization.

Fourthly, team members do not only cooperate, they will pitch together to help in the success of the organization. They act together to accomplish tasks with every team player bringing out his or her best for the organization. Team members despite their differences in perspective and style work out the best ways of solving a problem. Each member brings out his perspective and orientation.

Company loss is shared by equally among the members; one person does not bear the loss alone. Because of the flexibility they would exhibit in the management of their organization, they would easily adapt to the new situation and pull their resources to remedy the situation.


Despite the benefits associated with teamwork, there are a few disadvantages associated with it. First is that there could be quarrels within the team. Because these are people from different backgrounds and perspectives, the tendency for constant misunderstanding would always be there. If any crisis that comes up is not well managed, it may lead to the break of the team.

Secondly, the problem of trust may not be there and this could lead to declining in productivity. When there is lack of trust, it will cause a problem that would affect the organization.

Thirdly, when there is a team, the principle of self-sacrifice, which is needed for the success of any organization may be lacking. The result of this would be decline in productivity. Members would be more committed to their personal projects than to the team project.

Natural Ways to Improve Focus

How often do you find yourself or someone you love becoming significantly distracted by the slightest thing or staring off into space at absolutely nothing? Whether it happens frequently or just occasionally, the inability to focus can have can greatly impact your goals. Thankfully there are many natural ways that you can improve your ability to focus. Let’s look at several healthy tips you can use to enhance your focus.


In many cases, environmental factors, whether you realize it or not, can seriously compromise your ability to focus. For example, if noise, such as chattering coworkers, rattles your concentration, request a work space that is quieter. On the other hand, if extreme quiet tends to be more distracting, opt for ambient noise or music playing quietly in the background.


It is not unusual to lose focus when are involved in a task that is tedious and boring. When this happens to you, it is time to get up and start moving around. Take a short walk, do a few stretches, or drink some water. Don’t take a long break; limit to just a few minutes or you may find that you have moved into procrastination mode.


There is no denying that sugar tastes good and it may even give you that slight boost of energy you need to improve your focus, but according to science this boost doesn’t last very long. In fact, eating sugar does cause the area of your brain that is responsible for focus to have a quick surge of activity, but a mere 30 minutes later, your focus will drop way lower than normal. Check out the types of food you are eating. Many foods that you might think are low in sugar, such as certain yogurts and granola bars, are actually full of sugar.

Refined carbohydrates work in the exact same manner as table sugar. On days that you really need to focus, be sure to avoid, or substantially decrease, the amount of refined carbohydrates you consume.


Your concentration and focus will improve with the more toxin free, oxygen rich blood that makes it to your brain. When you are inactive, toxins have the tendency to buildup in the bloodstream and negatively impact your concentration, mental clarity, and focus. Get 30 minutes of exercise a day or more to keep your blood circulating optimally.


Found in foods including salmon, mackerel, and tuna, omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to improve your focus within a 6 to 12 month period of time when consumed daily. The easiest way to do this is by taking a supplement that contains 700 to 900 mg of DHA/EPA daily.

For the brain, liquid vitamin B12 provides more of a punch than any other vitamin. Incorporate liquid drops into your daily routine to enhance your focus.


Studies have found that even mild dehydration can impair your cognitive status and make staying focused very difficult. In addition, staying hydrated helps keep your energy levels up. Keep in mind that you should only drink caffeine in moderation because it has a diuretic effect. It does not matter how focused you are if you keep getting up to go to the bathroom!


The simple 5 minute act of guided imagery or meditation can work wonderfully for someone who is having difficulty remaining focused on the task at hand. If you have difficulty focusing, there are plenty of healthy ways to improve your focus. Use the tips above and see how well they work for you.